For you and your company



For you and your company


You live overseas but have civil status certificates which were issued in Sri Lanka of which you need an extract. Or your uncle left you an inheritance in Sri Lanka and you don’t know how to proceed. Your documents need to be legalised, but the process is too cumbersome and complicated. You need to apply for a visa, but you don’t have the time to get familiarised with the long list requirements. Your company started doing business with Sri Lanka and you need somebody to follow up on official procedures. Did you forget to send a cake to your important client?


Leave these time-consuming and complicated tasks to us. We have an extensive network comprising of local companies, international trade organisations, lawyers, notaries and government institutions.


Support with: 

  • Drafting of letters

  • Translations

  • Obtaining legalised documents

  • Obtaining extracts from civil status certificates from Sri Lankan registrars

  • Preparing visa files

  • Notary, succession and legal referral and follow up

  • Personal, special deliveries

  • Concierge services: reservations, obtaining information, …


Enhance your company, network and business. Does your company reaches its full potential? We bring your idea and brand to the world. Experience the results of our practical approach. Support with a web and leaflet design or full sales representation of your products and everything in-between, is what we have to offer.


Support with: 

  • Developing presentations

  • Website design

  • Logo design

  • Design of brochures and business cards

  • Composing press documents

  • Reviewing strategies

  • Full sales representation of your brand or products

  • Handling and representation at trade fairs


Our local and international expertise will provide you unique insights in the world of business. With all facts and figures within reach, there will be no more complex or uncontrolled decisions to make.


Support with: 

  • Investment in Sri Lanka

  • Setting up a company in Sri Lanka (legal and organisational procedures)

  • Advice, referral and support for Sri Lankan companies expanding to Europe and beyond

  • Staff evaluation and redefining structure

  • Office, process, product and brand evaluation and redesigning

  • Market and product studies

  • Reports and analysis

  • Training, education and courses